By passion and innovation.

And the desire to do

better everyday.

Founded in 1996, by Anny Mouton, Ogilvy Namibia provides localised and innovative solutions that assist clients’ growth objectives and brand development. Expertly equipped to handle any form of marketing communications requirement, we are the first port of call to many a reputable brand in Namibia.

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Meet Our Team

“If we hire people bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.” – David Ogilvy

Mathews T. Hamutenya

Executive Director

Mr Mathews Taapopi Hamutenya (MTH) is an entrepreneur and a focused visionary leader on a mission to live a life of legacy for future generations. He grew up in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. At a very early age Mathews began showing an interest in business ventures and today he is a well known business man and entrepreneur in Namibia.

Anny Mouton

Executive Director & Founder

The captain of a ship run primarily on shipments of midnight oils and secret stockpiles of coffee, Anny Mouton founded Ogilvy Namibia in 1996. According to her, that’s more than twenty years of erratic sleep, killing deadlines and building brilliant brands.

Rozanne van der Merwe

Managing Director

The thousand-foot high tightrope between wonderful clients and wacky creatives, Rozanne is a balancing act of take-it-to-the-next-level. Watch her lead with expertise and allow everyone to believe it was their brilliant idea.

Jessie Agenbach

Financial Manager

Someone needs to make sure this creative carousel stays fixed to the ground. Jessie is the proverbial black sheep - working tirelessly for little thanks, making sure no copywriter gets left behind with no sticky note in sight.

Katrionae Madondo

Digital Director

Watch out for the claws when Kat defends a great idea! She’s quick on feedback and has a track record of keeping clients purring. She also lands on her feet, so don’t be afraid to throw her in with the wolves - she holds her own just fine.

Megan Pritchard

Business Unit Manager

A thunderstorm of energy and zest, Megan’s passion for her clients shines through her ability to craft brilliant solutions. With articulation as sharp as Olivia Pope’s, a ballsy work ethic (#justsaying), and a mantra totally inappropriate for this site, Megan makes it happen every time.

Beulah du Pont

Events Manager

It's not just having the best “throw-down” that motivates Beulah. It should all make sense, and have purpose, and loads and loads of fun, cushions and cupcakes, maybe feathers and bubbles too. She will take your brand through unknown dimensions, you wont help but gasp in awe and wonder.

Shanine Paulino

Business Unit Trainee & Admin Support

Our future NAMFTA and OSCAR winner Nina, exudes the intrigue of Eva Mendes as well as the tact and spirit of Lupita Nyong’o, both on the big screen and in morning traffic meetings. With a philanthropic heart and a passion for toasting ciabatta, handling briefs for her, is literally a work of art.

Marques Anthony Mouton

Business Unit Manager

Ogilvy’s very own tall drink of water leaves no stone unturned in his quest to ensure every task is complete, and also that the hippies in studio aren’t complaining about briefs.

Christine van Zyl

Creative support and Freelance Liason

Christine thrives on the creative process and always makes sure that everything that passes through her mac is made even more “creativer.” An undercover superhero, Super Mom’s secret superpower is her laughter, known to put all sad baddies in the Happy Jail. Then again, being a mother is the best pre-requisite one could have, to deal with all of Ogilvy’s creative babies.

Vera Line

Digital Content Creator, In-House Graphic Designer

A mini dynamo in the creative space, her combination of sugar, rice, and kapana spice brings out mind-blowing creative executions, that leave even the discerning ad palate astounded. Her Yoda would be super proud.

Cassandra v/d Steeg

Production Manager

The fine line between the strung-out and hyped-up creative and the dedicated and demanding account executives, Lady Cassandra is the only person allowed to ride her warhorse around the office.

Popi Pokolo

Media Buyer

Apart from randomly shouting “Wakanda” in the middle of a status meeting, Popi’s bright aura literally invades your workspace, leaving you all loved up. That smile tho, Yaaas gal!

Meryl Groenewald

Media Buyer

The true definition of calm, poise and grace, Meryl’s soothing voice in the Ogilvy hot box has been likened by many, to the sound of a bubbling brook in the highlands of Damaraland. Always willing to lend a hand where needed, Meryl is that person you always want to cry about your stolen sandwich to. She’ll listen.

Letitia Kurtz

Front Office Management

With a penchant for always looking prim and proper and staying organised, a make-up kit is never beyond reach with Letitia. Her warm and inviting smile is the first impression you get of who we are; making you feel special, appointment or not, when you walk through our doors.

Sammy Gorman

Production Manager

If a box of Smarties were to manifest in human form, they’d be named Sammy. Bright, sweet and with a whole lot of energy to go around, she definitely leaves everyone saying

Lauren Mouton

Social Media Manager

A gifted demagogue with an over-arching ability to tweet and gram at the same time, Lauren is an expert navigator of the Social maze, her playground of greatness. Her persistent quest for perfection makes her an undisputed game changer for any brand’s social image. Stormy Seas? She has a tweet ready for those too!

Gert van Wyk

Brandulance Operator

Look closely at this face as you may have seen it before. At a traffic light? An intersection? Gert is literally all over the place driving the Brandbulance. If you happen to come across him don’t hesitate to say hello. He’s the nicest guy around.

Elsie Goagoses

Home Executive

Well, if Elsie wasn’t around we literally would have to close down the offices. Thankfully she’s been here every morning for the past 21 years making sure we all get the right amount of coffee and hugs every day.

Mathew Mathew

Spacial Manager

Mathew is a true renaissance polymath man. Had he been born in Italy in the 15th century he would have been painting frescos with Leonardo da Vinci. Fortunately for us he was born in Windhoek and now employs his time nurturing the most delicate of plants or setting up a whole event installation in no time.

Zeeva Mouton

Chief Executive Mascot

She may not help design or articulate strategies, but Zeeva is always there spreading the love. Especially on Tuesday and Thursday morning when our ‘pie guy’ visits the office!