Established in 1981 and considered the country’s leading animal feed manufacturer, Feedmaster sought to find advanced methods that not only provide the best products but also bring farmers across Namibia, convenience, and ease of accessing these products and services.

The problem

Due to the vast nature of the Namibian landscape, ease of access to products and animal feed on a regular basis proved difficult for most farmers. Feedmaster, therefore, had to devise a convenient solution that would make their products accessible to remote farmers thereby increasing profits.

The solution

The complete revamp of the Feedmaster website and introduction of a mobile app, equipped to provide “real time” technical insights into potential natural occurrences, helped create a quick reference tool for farmers to use in their day-to-day activities. The app also includes information, generated with foresight, using the specific farmer’s log book, as well as calculated sales and growth forecasts for the current season and beyond. With a Feedmaster specialist on call to assist with any queries, requests and/or emergencies, a platform was developed for farmers to get all the necessary assistance as and when they need it.  Research saw that over 90% of farmers in Namibia used smartphones to access the internet. This provided an opportunity to not only improve service delivery but also position the brand as technologically advanced, thereby making Feedmaster one of the first brands in Namibia to develop a mobile app. 


Feedmaster Mobile App


Namib Mills – Feedmaster

Awards & Accolades

The App was shortlisted at the 2017 African Cristal Awards as Best Mobile Application for the whole of Africa.

Calculate Profits

Easily calculate your feed profits with our compact and custom designed calculators.

Order Stock

Thereby cutting waiting time for farmers who drive long distances to access feedstock.

Farm Management

Calculations which include, but are not limited to herd calculators, drug treatment register, movement register, rainfall register etc.

Customer Service

Through a FAQ portal.

Your Productivity
Boosted With Feedmaster

Reports can be sent to the Feedmaster website where they are saved and accessed whenever a farmer needs them via a login portal.

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