Namibia has a relaxed attitude towards drinking and driving, often with dire consequences as a result. Well-aware of this issue, our client ABInBev Namibia came to us to launch a responsible initiative program to encourage the behavioural change of alcohol consumers in a bid to reduce and hopefully eliminate those consequences.

The problem

The Namibian youth had already been desensitised, after being repeatedly exposed to different anti-drinking and driving messages in the past. From the onset, the biggest challenge was how to speak to this particular target audience in an original and fresh way that was relevant to them and that would promote behavioural change.


The solution

We developed a campaign whose main drive was not the conventional forms of advertising (TV, Radio or Print) but focused on an intrinsic part of youth culture in Namibia, music.

We selected three of the hippest and most relevant musicians; Sally Boss Madam, Desmond, and Wambuseün whom we gave the complete freedom to write and compose a song that would resonate with the youth and advocate for social change. This how the #Breakthehabit campaign was born.



Break The Habit


SAB Miller

Awards & Accolades

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Tactical and Promotion

Customised “Call Cards”

A set of customised call cards were produced, with contacts to a reliable taxi service to which revellers could call after a night out. These cards also included a sobering and thought-provoking message that would lead individuals away from driving whilst intoxicated, offering a solution on how to get home, when the party ends. Numerous of these cards were distributed at different tactical venues and party “hot-spots,” in and around Windhoek, Namibia

Print Media

Poster Design

With a more visual impact needed at various partying scenes, tactical posters were used, to accompany the “call cards” whilst carrying the same message as Poster usage worked best in environments with a larger crowd turnout allowing for the message to reach further, faster.

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