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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

We were tasked to create an annual campaign for Nedbank to motivating the banking individuals to switch their primary account from any competitor bank to Nedbank Namibia. The campaign is centered on the life of a person from child to mature adult receiving expert money advice. Additionally, the campaign must reinforce and establish Nedbank as a digital entity, to address the various pain points for switching by promoting the various products that you can gain from (Money App (Africa), CashOut, SendMoney).

The objective was to increase market share & sales through the acquisition of new primary accounts in Namibia over 12 months, leading on to achieve share of voice at 20%, and increase positive tonality in exposure by 10% in 2020.

On a creative note, we played with a digital glitch, and how you can experience this with other banks. If you move over to Nedbank, you eliminate the digital glitch. We then incorporated a colour palette and other little jibes towards other banks to reinforce this.

Deliverables were supplied on different levels which ranged from strategy to digital, radio, print and outdoor advertising.

Digital innovations have certainly created new marketing opportunities in the banking industry. With digitisation on the rise, insights can be easily obtained due to the large availability of extractable datasets that can be used to inform decisions. First, a mapping process is needed to track the customer’s journey into buying the bank’s products. Marketing teams can gain further understanding on consumer behaviour in the financial markets with this purchase journey map. The findings will open new avenues for customisation and personalisation that will align with customer demands in the banking market. Personalised services are highly profitable. One can expect elevated response and conversion rates, brand loyalty, reach amplification from personalised customer experiences.

Furthermore, integrating mobile in the financial marketing plan corresponds to the trends around the extensive usage of smartphones in the digital age. The migration of online and mobile banking channels marks a degree of convenience. Customers have the ease of carrying out banking activities close at hand.

Customer insights have provided marketers with the possibility to strategise communication and marketing plans by choosing the best adapted channels. Transitions between physical and digital channels intensify in flexibility. On social media, better targeted campaigns with the right messaging and content can be anticipated to push sales.

Yours in brands that matter, in partnership with Nedbank,

Maryke Van Lill & Melina Seeam

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