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 Inverroche Gin at Gmundner Lodge, Namibia

Inverroche, Nikita Rix, and Gmundner Lodge saw the perfect opportunity to partner to drive education about their brands and highlight their product offerings. The three brands share the value and place importance on quality and the balance of moments of indulgence and sustainability. Through this collaboration, we created a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive experience for 12 Namibian influencers to experience the world of Inverroche and Gmundner Lodge. THE CHALLENGE was to increase the different brand's online exposure to attract up-market travellers and audiences both locally and internationally to join the #FriendsofInverroche and to visit the Gmundner lodge. •The event helped drive exposure to potential clients by having the guests experience the environment and offerings first-hand, making them more likely and open to not only repeat a visit but recommend the experience. •Driving consumer engagement, education, and awareness of the brands •Partner with influencers to reach a network of new audiences in Namibian and internationally THE RESULTS of the Gmundner Lodge experience were highly positive. The campaign generated a considerable amount of buzz and UCG content from our guests. The campaign not only drove education on the Inverroche lifestyle but created awareness about the Lodge and the wonderful features staying at Gmundner offered. The campaign also increased positive conversation around the brands. The Influencer campaign generated the following results: Total Reach 205.1K 1.2M Impressions Average of 798.7 Engagements per post A total of 17.6K engagements Also see:

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