Kartrionae Madondo-Ossai: Digital & Strategy Director

The last bits of the year they say is usually the toughest. October it seems, raises all sorts of alarm bells for the year. Everything must happen, and happen now! And so starts the myriad of job briefs, urgent deadlines, the events planning and ironic plea to ‘spend budgets’.  I call this the ‘October heat’, yes – both the weather and job traffic! In advertising, it just feels like someone switched the ‘on’ button.

It is this same energy that brought forth the idea to launch Ogilvy Namibia’s first-ever digital newsletter. It was birthed out of the ambition to influence change towards the perceptions of advertising and communication while pioneering an open discussion about our industry in Namibia vis-à-vis the regional and international markets. It is an opportunity to share our creative world here at Ogilvy while kickstarting conversations meant to impart knowledge for growth.

In this edition, we look at some of the highlights since August and our recent and most exciting highlight of the year -winning the Nampost pitch! I mean life is a pitch for us!

We hope you enjoy the read as we take you through our day to day operations and how we make your brands matter. Be inspired!