A subsidiary product of Namib Mills, Bakpro Flour is Namibia’s most trusted flour brand, having enjoyed a lifespan of 30 years. The brand has expanded to 7 flour brands during this lifetime.

The problem

The long-celebrated brand heritage has not come without setbacks. While viewed as a strong product used and trusted by all cultures of Namibia, the development of a new target audience influenced by disruptive digital trends, saw the need and opportunity for Bakpro to revamp its brand and reposition it as  prime choice for millennials. The brand promise of “Baking Memories” gave the Ogilvy digital team a new challenge.

The solution

Whilst maintaining the traditional brand collateral, new methods of building and baking memories was captured in an App. The Bakpro App was developed to create a more interactive and easily accessible platform for Bakpro customers. This innovation helped Bakpro present itself as a forward moving and trendy brand.

Beyond getting on board with current trends, the App was developed to:

  • Encourage bakers, both professional and hobby bakers, to polish their skills and bake with confidence
  • Help build new memories steered by a new generation of mothers
  • Bring convenience to customers
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Drive the sharing of ‘Baking Memories’ proposition
  • Educate the customer on the variety of Bakpro products available

App 2.0


Bakpro (Namib Mills)

What We Did

Survey research, UI/UX Re-Design, Re-launch Campaign 

Simplified Colour Palette



Bakpro Blue




Old Bakpro App

Image driven menu options and navigation

Slow Loading Speed.

App itself was large & took a lot of phone memory.

Can’t Access App Offline.

Limited App Offering & Variety.

Heard to Read & Differentiate Navigation Options.

Lacked Recipe & Tips Variety

Lacked Interaction

Bakpro App 2.o

Icon driven menu options and navigation 

Simplified Icon Design & Navigation.

More App Features & New Functions.

More Recipe Upload Methods.

Works Offline.

New Ratings & Popularity Recognition System.

Comment on Your Favourite Recipe.


Android App Review


App Users Since September 2017
Why Did we change?

Bakpro App Survey   

During our research we discovered that 87% or our users had Android devices and this is the group that also visited the app most frequently (1 to 2 times a week). This is why when we relaunched we first launched Android.

What We Delivered

After conducting research via an app survey to all our users we cleaned up the app according to the users demands. We simplified the design a-lot to make the app faster, have more functions like Utilities, Tips and different ways to add recipes. We also added a function Aficionado where we give recognition to the regular app users who load recipes often. The possibilities with Bakpro App 2.0 is endless.

Key Features & Functionality


Set yourself apart by creating and building a community of bakers through the uploading and sharing of recipes, tips, and baking motivation to your Bakpro followers. This feature on the app celebrates Bakpro’s public ambassadors and showcases their work and Bakpro memories.

Tips & Hacks

There’s always a better way of doing things to achieve optimum results. The tips and hacks feature helps bakers achieve the best results everytime and offers assistance when needed though various elements like substitutions, replacements and additions, among other things.


Write, browse, share and create recipes with the Bakpro community. Highlight and save your favourites for easy access, the next time you take out your baking tray.

Shopping List

Don’t have it in the cupboard? Get it at the store. Create a personalised shopping list online for specific recipes so you always know what you need to complete the perfect bake.


See something you like? Now you can comment on your favourite recipe or see what other people are saying about recipes and their tips and tricks you can follow.

Offline Mode

Low on date or going to remote places? Now you can use the app offline too. You can access recipes already saved to your favourites folder in previous online sessions. You will not see updated recipes or content until you are connected to the internet again. 

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