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A word from the Editor

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

POLITICALLY, Economically and Socially the world is indeed “spinning on it’s axis” with governments facing their hardest yet truest tests of their time. Yet, in all this seemingly never-ending whirlwind, we still found time to celebrate the important events that matter to us, such as – Father’s Day. It’s in such times that we uphold and celebrate the father figures in our lives, bearing in mind too that as they hold most positions of leadership, they too suffer from mental health challenges that might affect the outcome of their decisions.

This issue has a special article on mental health awareness, and not just for men, but everyone with a specific focus on the relationship between mental health and the performance of your business. We hope you enjoy this and more from our Ogilvy team bearing in mind; as we cross over into the second half of the year our wellbeing comes first in order for everything else to succeed.

#StaySafe #WashYourHandsRegularly

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