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Breast Cancer awareness month

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

October! Famously known for commemorating breast cancer awareness, it is a month that prompts us to be our ‘sister’s keeper’. Spread the word, tweet, update your status with at least one post around breast cancer this month, check in with your girlfriends and sisters but most of all check yourself. Because if wearing pink and tying pink ribbons ends there, then surely it is not enough. Research shows that early detection usually happens after self-diagnosis. So before we wait a year to get checked, we should learn to conduct a Breast Self-Exam (BSE) regularly.

We have an article dedicated to women and breast cancer awareness this month. With tips on how to conduct a BSE and more, we hope the article will leave you informed and feeling positive. Meanwhile back at the office the advertising storm has definitely hit. We are glad to be abuzz with exciting projects that we hope to launch in a few weeks for the remaining months before we close off for the December holidays. For now, all we can do is keep sipping on that water, to stay calm and keep the heat at bay.

#StaySafe #WearYourMask #WashYourHandsRegularly

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