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Editor’s Foreword

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Kartrionae Alfantica-Ossai : Digital & Strategy Director

Congratulations on making the first round of lockdown! You and your team deserve a round of applause. It’s been really real and yet here we are typing away our fears and hopes behind what now feels like ginormous bright screens, shooting non-stop 50pt emails – everything feels strangely big at this point. Are gone, really the days of working comfily wrapped in the cocoons of our morning gowns? and as we emerge from our cocoons, we step into a changing world. The adjustment is what we need to embrace. As the adage goes – ‘change is the only constant’ I’m proud to have been part of a team that put 100% effort in sustaining the business in the last weeks. It was a trying time indeed, but we conquered! By this time we realize digital is no longer just an option it is the ‘main thing’ and we are proud to be working on our new digital plan, which we will be sharing with you in the coming weeks. We also realize that ‘video content’, continues to be digital’s, blue-eyed child. It is time for marketers to redirect their marketing efforts and adapt to these changing times in order to continue surviving. For now, continue wearing your masks, maintain social distancing, and stay safe!

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