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Editor’s Foreword

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Kartrionae Alfantica-Ossai: Digital & Strategy Director

It feels like 2020 is loaded with great things to come! With January already having started on a high note at the office, the year of the rat as the Chinese zodiac affirms is indeed showing signs of “the beginning of a new day”. A couple of new exciting projects already lined up, strategies and events alike, we can’t help but remain positive. We cannot, of course, ignore the tragic events that set the social media platforms on fire mainly the death of NBA star Kobe Bryant and the deadly Coronavirus. When a Professional Sportsman wishes to be remembered as a great investor vs great-athlete it kinda sets your mind thinking on the most important things we fight for on a day today. What will my legacy be?

On the local social scene, the good news is yonder – The Brewer’s Market has us excited and looking forward to great events. We also heard that Burna Boy is gracing our entertainment arena in April- fingers crossed! Oh, by the way, Happy Valentines, suffice to say everything written here came in the order of importance.

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