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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Kartrionae Alfantica-Ossai : Digital & Strategy Director

In the advent of the pandemic, I mapped out a ‘COVID-19 online brand survival strategy’, which you can find on our website.

A few days before our government announced the lockdown for isolation, I was wondering if industry key people could also realize the crucial need for our brands’ survival in the next few weeks. Unlike us, surely these brands cannot afford to go in isolation. The come back would be painstakingly slow and much more difficult. And while it is easy to say ‘digital’ is the answer, the real question thus focuses on the ‘how’ of the digital in order to achieve maximum impact.

Never before (well in my lifetime) has a pandemic caused so much pandemonium in the 21st century ‘digital world’ This is definitely going to change our modus operandi now and forever. If you are in FMCG, then check out one of our articles that talk about global trends of FMCG marketing and COVID-19. This might be all you need to have your brand survive.

Our team is working remotely during normal operating hours 7:30 am – 5:00 pm dedicated to making your brand matter during this crisis!

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