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Hello December

Finally, Tis’ The Season! Just a few weeks until Christmas and New Year. We are super excited to say goodbye to 2020 which has been a hectic year for all of us due to a gringe, Covid-19. BUT there is no way we are going to let the gringe steal our Christmas or New Year! These end of year celebrations will hopefully bring you to spend memorable times with family and friends.

Despite economy crashing and impacting on business, Team Red has survived throughout and is finishing this year on an even stronger note. We are proud to announce the acquisition of yet another account -Namport! This gives us all the more reason to celebrate our holidays in the coast while we let the burdens of 2020 sail away with the ocean.

With talks of a potential vaccine going around, our fingers are crossed all will be well in the upcoming year. We will be sipping on a refreshing drink to cool off that desert heat, with our minds wrapped around the new year. In this edition we have a special article filled with festive artwork for you to enjoy! Indulge yourself with insights and a pick of the best adverts created for the festive season.

Ogilvy wishes you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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