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Our Editor’s Message for July

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It’s pitch season back at the office and we couldn’t be more happy. As the saying goes in advertising ‘Life is a pitch’, we are definitely keeping our selves warm through the burning ideas and heated deadlines. Business is lethargically pulling itself back up again and while this gives us a sense of security and comfort, the raging fight against covid-19 still continues as we pace against the July wind, keeping one eye open.

In this edition we look at corporate food photography, featuring one of our clients Namib Mills. If you are going to sell food, make it look yum! This is where we bring in our best food photographer Andrea van der Spuy with whom we have worked on Namib Mills and Shoprite Checkers Champion Boerewors photography. We hope you have a good read and feast your eyes on the tantalizing pictures.

#StaySafe #WashYourHandsRegularly

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