Summer, the season of smiles, is indeed here! After what felt like a never-ending winter, we can finally put our best selves forward and bask in optimism. Of course, we cannot take our desired holidays as we were accustomed to, but surely, we can make the best of our backyards. Now is the time to set up that blow-up pool and have more braai nights with the family. And if bless your soul, you only have a balcony, a hammock might be a good idea? Either way we must learn to be content in the company of ourselves.

The circle of our nation’s pundits has decided to open up the borders to tourists from the 1st of September. While this is a positive towards the economy, it has many worried and confused at the same time. Nonetheless it is a step forward from what was fast becoming a dreadful and monotonous year, which clearly still tries to drag us into its treachery, as I woke up to the sad news of Chadwick Boseman. Rest in Peace King T’Challa! The entertainment scene and our hearts have been marred. #wakandaforever

This edition highlights the Namib Poultry Industries pitch we recently worked on and won! Kudos to the team and all our supportive suppliers and partners. Team Red has reaped the fruits of its hard work this pitch season, and we couldn’t be prouder!


#staysafe #washyourhandsregularly