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Ogilvy Namibia's Brandulance

CREATIVE RATIONALE The branding problem faced by Ogilvy Namibia was the need to set itself apart from other agencies and showcase its unique ability to come to the rescue of brands in critical situations. THE SOLUTION Ogilvy Namibia devised an innovative solution to address this advertising problem. They introduced the concept of the "Ogilvy Brandulance" - a dedicated team of brand specialists ready to provide immediate aid to brands facing emergencies.   The key message conveyed was that if brand managers found themselves on the brink of collapse and in dire need of help, there was only one agency they should call: Ogilvy Namibia. THE RESULTS The implementation of the Ogilvy Brandulance campaign yielded remarkable results for the agency. Besides winning a gold award at the African Excellence awards, brand managers and executives, who were concerned about the potential of their brands in the minds of consumers, instantly recognised and recalled the Ogilvy Brandulance concept. The campaign generated significant buzz and positive word-of-mouth, capturing the attention of brand managers in need of immediate assistance.

Brandulance Award Winning Concept
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