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Paratus Namibia. Stay connected when you need it most.

Namibia aligns with 157 other countries worldwide that have successfully implemented mandatory SIM card registration. This practice follows international best standards and, notably, aids in investigating crimes involving mobile devices.

Despite widespread awareness of the mandatory obligation to register SIM cards and the associated benefits, persuading users to comply remains a challenging task. The public's lack of
trust in data storage continues to be a significant obstacle.

The Results
The unique factor of Paratus SIM registration was the simplicity & effectiveness of the registration process, and we believed this was going to make the biggest difference from a technical and visual point of view.

It takes less than 10 minutes to register your SIM card online with Paratus, but also keeps customers connected when they need it most.

This campaign was targeted at existing Mobile-LTE customers with an emailer campaign, supported by a digital and social media drive.


Digital Campaign (3 months)

+ 3.7M impressions

157, 904K reach.

Frequency of 23 (repeated exposure used to encourage action and serve as a reminder to ensure those follow through)

 25, 145K Link Clicks

 91, 139K outside of the link clicks

 27, 145K actions taken on the ad

The campaign generated positive conversation around the Paratus initiative and its ingenuity and ease of processes, positioning the brand as being at the forefront of the industry and having quality standards to be compared to in the market.

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