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Paratus Namibia. Our technology doesn't fail you.

The Challenge In a world where uncertainty often reigns supreme, one thing is for sure: our steadfast Internet partner, Paratus, will always remain by your side.    Beyond the challenging times of COVID-19, life continues to throw its curveballs, and sometimes, things don't go as planned. But in the face of life's ups and downs, Paratus stands as a beacon of reliability and connectivity. We understand that life can be unpredictable, and that's precisely why we are committed to providing customers with a dependable online experience. Our dedication ensures that whether our clients’ are working, studying, connecting, celebrating, or even watching those quirky toilet paper battles, you can count on Paratus to keep you connected, no matter what the future holds. We've got your back, today and tomorrow, because your Internet is not just a service; it's your constant companion in an ever-changing world. The Solution The heart of our campaign is rooted in the everyday quirks and challenges that Namibians face, because, let's be honest, "sh*t happens." Life has a way of throwing unexpected surprises our way, and we've embraced a creative direction that's not just relatable but also delightfully humanistic and humoristic. Our goal is simple yet profound: to bring a smile to people's faces. In doing so, we're not just building a brand; we're fostering a genuine "brand love" that transcends the ordinary client-customer relationship.   At the core of this campaign is the understanding that life's little hiccups are what make us all so beautifully human. By celebrating these nuances and sharing a chuckle over them, we're strengthening the bond between Paratus and the people of Namibia. Because, in the end, it's not just about providing exceptional Internet service; it's about being a reliable friend who stands with you, even when life's surprises catch you off guard. This campaign is all about turning life's lemons into laughter and forging a connection that goes beyond a service provider – it's about being a source of support and positivity in our customers' lives. The Results The campaign exceeded goals and drove strong exposure, engagement, and sentiment lifts for the brand. With over 1.8 million impressions, 216,000 reached users, and 70,000 social reactions, the campaign resonated with Namibians of all walks of life. Moreover, the campaign boosted traffic to Paratus' website, with nearly 50,000 visits by people who wanted to learn more or sign up. A social listening analysis showed that the campaign also had a significant impact on sentiment, with a 20% increase in positive sentiment toward Paratus post-campaign, In a world full of uncertainty, Paratus has become more than just a reliable connectivity provider. The brand's commitment to turning challenges into moments of connection and every customer interaction into an opportunity to build brand loyalty is reinforced by this campaign's success. By using a humanistic and humorous approach, Paratus strengthened its connection with Namibians. The campaign celebrated shared experiences and brought smiles to people's faces, forging an emotional bond that goes beyond the ordinary service-provider relationship.

Paratus - Brand Love
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