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Sanlam Savings Campaign

THE CHALLENGE Everyone has a dream they hope will become reality. Sanlam’s desire is to support its clients in saving to invest in their greatest ambitions. We often get so caught up in our day to day, that we forget to plan for future aspirations. Sanlam shows us that the first step in reaching our goals is saving the funds that make them possible. By ensuring clients have the means to achieve their dreams, Sanlam is encouraging people to think even bigger. Because, when we prioritise our future home, future family, and future self, suddenly a world of possibility opens up. THE SOLUTION The central goal of the Savings Ahead campaign is to create an automatic link in people’s minds between preparing for the future and saving: to plan ahead you need to save ahead. In alignment with this ideal, the campaign was launched on 31 October, World Savings Day. The campaign focused on key periods where planning ahead with savings can make all the difference: Black Friday, Christmas holidays and the back-to-school season. Throughout this time, the Savings Ahead campaign was sending Namibians a gentle, but vital reminder, that savings can determine where your child goes to school, if you can be reunited with family at Christmas or if you can take advantage of that once-in-a-lifetime deal on your dream car. THE RESULTS The campaign was a phenomenal success. Over both platforms – Facebook and Instagram –over 20% of the total Namibian population was reached! Clearly, Namibians deeply resonated with the campaign’s focus on reaching for your dreams. Digital Campaign: 1000% increase in Instagram reach 296.8% increase in Facebook reach 103.1% increase in Instagram page visits 244.8% increase in Facebook following Sanlam achieved its aim of reminding us WHY we choose to save. Social engagement was at a high and the numbers prove it. Many Namibians shared their reason for saving with Sanlam on the social media posts, from sending a son to his dream school, to securing financial stability for their family. With Sanlam, Namibians save on worries about the future and get to experience their aspirations.


Video courtesy: Sanlam Namibia

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