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Guided by a management team that is seasoned in steering brands to new heights—Ogilvy Namibia thrives on a bedrock of expert leadership, innovative thinking, and a relentless pursuit of creative excellence. Together, we craft not just campaigns, but make your brand matter.

At the helm of our creative fleet, Anny is an experienced advertising industry executive—an energetic, open-minded, erudite, and passionate individual with a knack for motivating, leading, and directing the team. She excels as a decision-maker, and communicator, showcasing a unique blend of business acumen, leadership, artistic flair, planning, organising, and presentation skills.

The strategic thinker of our times, Rozanne, brings a dynamic mix of sales intelligence and branding wisdom to the Agency. Driven to learn and apply new ideas and skills within any advertising client’s industry, Rozanne has proven to work to stringent deadlines and to adapt quickly to challenges and changing environments while being committed to excellence echoes the Ogilvy values with every project undertaken.

As a powerhouse of client relations and a newly appointed shareholder with 10 years of experience, and 5 roles under her belt, Megan is a master at getting the job done while going above and beyond client expectations. Her contagious energy and zest for life are a force to be reckoned with, inspiring the team and empowering clients.

With a steadfast dedication to financial excellence, Dehan Vermeulen brings over a decade of auditing and accounting experience to the Agency. A true product of discipline and hard work, his meticulous approach to financial statements and tax queries has not only fostered trust but built the backbone of reliability for our financial operations.

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