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Bakpro Bread "Tom & Jerry" BUZZ Campaign

THE... bread worth chasing, price worth chasing, growth worth chasing, change worth chasing.

THE CHALLENGE The aim was to create excitement and anticipation for the launch of the new Bakpro Bread Tom and Jerry packaging. Increase brand awareness among primary schools, students and the public at large. Engage with the target audience in a fun and interactive way.  Launch the competition before the school holidays to ensure the brand stays top of mind.   The partnership between Tom and Jerry and Bakpro presented a unique opportunity to create excitement and anticipation for launch of the partnership on the in-store bread while reinforcing the brand image, values, and reputation of Bakpro. By leveraging the timeless appeal of Tom and Jerry, Bakpro connected with Namibia, and drive excitement and anticipation for the launch of the exciting partnership. THE SOLUTION Bakpro approached Ogilvy, to come up with a buzz campaign to create excitement and anticipation for in-store bread. THE RESULTS The campaign generated a considerable amount of buzz and excitement both online and offline. Through promotional activities, such as social media contests, and targeted advertising, the campaign successfully reached and engaged the target audience.   1 Month, 140+ entries and 20 winners,    • Engagements 29K +    • Clicks 14K +    • ThruPlays  20K +    • Reach 514K +    • Impressions 1 696 182

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