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NEDBANK Shift Campaign

THE CHALLENGE The challenge was to capture the attention of banking individuals who were already comfortable with their existing banks and persuade them to shift to Nedbank Namibia. Additionally, the campaign needed to differentiate Nedbank from its competitors and create a perception of superior service and reliability. THE SOLUTION Nedbank Namibia, a leading financial institution, approached our agency with the task of creating an annual campaign to motivate banking individuals to shift their primary account from any competitor bank to Nedbank. The primary objectives of the campaign were to increase market share and drive sales. To achieve this, we adopted a creative approach using a digital glitch concept and incorporated a colour palette and playful jibes toward other banks to reinforce the message. The campaign encompassed various deliverables across multiple channels, including strategy development, digital advertising, radio spots, print media, and outdoor advertising. THE RESULTS The campaign successfully met its objectives and achieved notable results in increasing market share and driving sales. In conclusion, Nedbank's shift campaign successfully motivated banking individuals to shift their primary account to Nedbank Namibia. The creative concept of the digital glitch, along with targeted messaging and personalized experiences, effectively positioned Nedbank as a reliable and superior banking option. The campaign's multi-channel approach, including social media, contributed to increased market share, customer engagement, and overall success in achieving the campaign objectives.

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