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Chivas Regal Windhoek Fashion Week

THE CHALLENGE: To expand the power of Chivas Regal within Namibia, despite the brand not having country-designated social media pages, we needed to think outside the box. Taking inspiration from David Ogilvy’s insight, “It isn’t the whiskey they choose, it’s the image,” our focus was to manifest and personify within Namibian consciousness, the resplendent, Chivas way of life. THE SOLUTION: A truly regal affair, Chivas engraved its name among the Namibian cultural elite at the Windhoek Fashion Week (WFW), in November 2023. Ogilvy appointed three Namibian public figures to accompany Chivas brand ambassador, Luis Munana or @luismunana. They were Lioness or @lionessnam, Dr Kiki or @julita_kitwe and Pukuu Rijatua or @_pukuu. The four served as Chivas royalty, when they attended the event. Each is emboldened with an entrepreneurial spirit the golden whiskey brand aligns itself to, making them ideal representatives. At WFW, Chivas Regal was honoured through a sleek summer fashion line, designed by Luis Munana. To add to the Chivas crescendo, Namibian music mogul, Lioness, debuted her latest song, “To The Top”, a Chivas Regal anthem. In the chorus, “Yeah we’re headed to the top, top, top, Sipping Chivas on the rocks,” she effortlessly expresses the brand’s desire to inspirit today’s, self-made kings and queens. After a week of glamour and grandeur, the four luminaries continued to spotlight Chivas on their Instagram accounts. Using “To The Top” in the background of their content, they created a transcendent continuity between their posts. This digital drive enabled Chivas to further extend its reach, through individuals already admired by the Namibian public. THE RESULTS: Chivas Regal left a massive impact on Namibians. The activation at WFW served as a pivotal moment in solidifying the whiskey’s presence in the nation. Each element of the event embodied the brand’s identity as a luxurious spirit, that captures the essence of success. On social media, Namibians embraced this narrative, and were enraptured by our chosen Chivas royalty, who garnered huge interactions. Digital Campaign: 1.7M Impressions 344.7K Reach 6.7K Engagements “To the Top” by Lioness: Top 10 on Local Charts Our data demonstrates, that we have ensured Chivas Regal’s continued reign as the chosen whiskey for even more Namibians aspiring to greatness.

Luis Manana
Lioness and Chivas
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