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Champion Boerewors "Feel the Vibe"

THE CHALLENGE: In a country that lives and breathes boerewors, we needed to ensure that despite the array of choices, we would ignite a palpable passion in all Namibians, for the delectable quality of the Champion Boerewors range of the Shoprite Namibia group. We aimed to entice Namibians to buy and taste the mouth-watering, newly launched 2023 winning boerewors recipe and carve out a distinct space in the hearts and grills of Namibians for the brand. THE SOLUTION: To highlight the triumphant product of an momentous showdown and energise the sales drive, Ogilvy collaborated with artist Adora, mixer KP Illest and producer Sam-Lee Jones to create the track, “Boerewors is a vibe” With distinctive sizzling sounds from the braai, lyrics with quintessential Namlish nuances and a grooving beat, the song embodied the spirit of Namibian braai culture. THE RESULTS: Following the song’s festive season launch, it complemented the kick-off of the Champion Boerewors Come Dance competition online, encouraging the public to purchase a boerewors pack and flaunt their favourite dance moves. Namibians eagerly embraced the campaign, leading to a 25% sales increase across the entire range. Their enthusiasm on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, resulted in high engagement and interaction. DIGITAL CAMPAIGN: 368, 730k impressions 97, 820k reach (through boosted content) 60k engagements 18,549 ThruPlays on the competition recap post Since its release, “Boerewors is a Vibe” has proved to be the perfect soundtrack not just for Champion Boerewors campaigns, but for any Namibian celebration.

Boerewors Jive
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