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MultiChoice Namibia - Say NO to piracy


Piracy hurts Namibia’s content industry and the people working hard to grow it.


So let’s say NO to privacy to support economic growth, protect the rights and income of creatives, and create a wide range of job opportunities in the creative and supporting industries. Let’s say YES to Namibian creativity and growth.


With the FIFA world cup alongside their wide coverage of sporting events and shows MultiChoice Namibia wanted to be prepared for the possibility of an increase in piracy.


Partnering with Ogilvy, we created an online campaign to drive awareness and understanding of the issue of Anti-Piracy, the effect that it has, and people’s role in addressing the issue

The Results

Facebook Campaign  (Posts boosted as ads)

155,745K  Reach

746,638K Impressions

8K post engagement

90,933K ThruPlays,


YouTube Campaign


+ 76%  average percentage viewed

No to Piracy
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