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RealGood Don't Chicken out!

THE CHALLENGE The main challenges were to alter the long-standing consumer preference for beef over chicken in the braai culture, enhance the visibility of the Kapana Half Bird product show the benefit of diversifying your offering as a kapana vendor, and strengthen RealGood Chicken’s position as a community-focused brand. Strategic objectives included: •Driving consumer engagement and education around the Braai Championship. •Drive awareness about the competition call-to-entry and encourage SME vendors to enter the competition. •Increasing awareness and sales of the Kapana Half Bird across informal markets. •Positioning RealGood Chicken as a key player in SME development and local economic growth. THE SOLUTION RealGood Chicken reintroduced the Braai Championship to reinforce its connection with the Namibian public and SME community and promote the Kapana Half Bird product. The initiative aimed to highlight chicken as a viable and delicious alternative to traditional beef Kapana, support local SME businesses and highlight RealGood Chicken’s commitment to community development. THE RESULTS of the Real Good Braai championship Campaign were highly positive. The campaign generated a considerable amount of buzz and excitement both online and offline. The campaign drove education on RealGood Chicken and the RealGood Braai Championship and increased positive conversation around the brand through social media content, on-the-ground activities, and an influencer campaign. The influencer campaign for Call-to-entry alone has had the following results to date. 6 influencers, 31 posts, 1 month 2.5 million Impressions, Engagements 36.5K + Reach 538K +

RealGood Chicken
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