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Digital strategies for small businesses during the pandemic

Updated: May 15

Kartrionae Madondo-Ossai: Digital & Strategy Director

As the ‘new normal’ requires us to hoard food for survival and shop online while setting a permanent shift in behavior, it is equally introducing an unprecedented trend in business. Reports have it that while most markets are crashing, FMCG seems to be holding up fine. Nielsen expects an up to 10% sales growth in FMCG for 2020. That is good news for food and household goods manufacturers however, there are other industries under threat. Tourism and hospitality have suffered immensely from, travel to food and events, the industry is on its knees.

It’s said only the big businesses will survive this economic depression. How then do the small businesses continue to survive, during this pandemic? We already know digital is the best bet, however with a surge in digital engagement for brand survival key strategies have to be implemented– in order to stand out.

  1. Reinvent operations Digital disruption has long since changed ‘the game’ for the better. As if in preparation for doomsday, digital disruption has shifted operations to bringing the brand to the people and not people to the brand. Restaurant owners and retail shops need to focus on building website platforms and apps that allow for orders and direct deliveries. With fuel prices crashing down, ‘home deliveries’ during this crisis should not be seen as a challenge but an opportunity for growth. Online sites like make this once alien strategy, oh-so-easy to set up. With the right digital team- your business can have an app and eCommerce shop set up in no time.

  2. Build that email marketing list. Your brand now needs to use tools built within your social media platforms for maximum return. Using lead generation tactics on Facebook and LinkedIn for sign-ups and email collection is a sure way to accrue on those customer numbers. Create a newsletter mailer that keeps your audience signed up and interested. If you own a small gym, for example, start writing content on a 30 day -quarantine challenge. Content is key – after this pandemic, your brand will come top of mind for most customers.

  3. Engage your customers Companies can now begin to think of leveraging static content and extending it to conference calls and webinars. This is a time to stay top of mind by any means. Have your clients or customers engaged with your business through webinars and conference calls. At this point, your business should be the hero for their brand. Touch base with your clients at least once a week. One on one sessions or conference calls work. While you are in quarantine make sure your brand does not hibernate! Use Paratus’ Starleaf video conferencing platform for faster streaming

A few digital tactics implemented on-time could be the difference between your business’ survival and its untimely death. Talk to us to help you implement these small strategies.

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