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Hello Life

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Words: Itayi Duve – Copywriter and Strategist on Campaign

An Ode to Life from a passionate partner.

The world is changing. It certainly doesn’t feel or look the same in the wake of the monumental shifts that have occurred the past few months alone, and we are not going back to where we were it seems. And yet, amidst all this ‘chaos’, we found ourselves pondering on how a medical aid fund can plant itself in the streams of frantic conversation and make themselves heard. When people are worried about the basic survival variables of life, how can a conversation around medical aid resonate in a panic-stricken society and not appear bereft of all compassion and relevancy?

Our solution wasn’t revolutionary, but the very fact that we were given the creative licence to explore this avenue with the rigour it deserves certainly was refreshing. Instead of showcasing how important a medical aid is, we decided to simply remind clients to show up in life. In our journey map unpacking the Namibian medical aid sector we discovered that medical aid was not necessarily accepted as vital, but as a ‘burden’ one has to bear – an unavoidable expense that is never questioned, but which isn’t really valued… like income taxes. There was no personal connection to the idea of medical aid (perceived or real), mostly because there had never been a conversation that enabled society at large to view it beyond the ‘expensive rep’ product perception.

The ‘Hello, Life’ campaign is a call to action for everyone to taken authentic responsibility for their lives and make decisions that ensure they keep striving towards their goals.

It is a clarion call that every individual’s dreams/ goals/ ambitions are relevant and making responsible decisions, including health decisions, every day enables us to show up in life even when the odds are stacked against us.It is more than a philosophy; it is a reminder that we can continue the business of dreaming knowing full well that we have a partner who will show up when sickness appears.

However, the ‘Hello, Life’ campaign isn’t just a clever weaving of esoteric words and theories – it also firmly puts the responsibility on us to make decisions that will ensure we are 100% present every day as we venture forward on a given path.

So yes, some may say this solution is not quite revolutionary enough. But before you put on your industry thinking cap and judge the merit of this clarion call, ask yourself when last you were reminded to say HELLO to LIFE authentically. When last were you asked to remember the goals we are taught to neatly tuck away because the business of living takes away so many of our passions? Isn’t that all we need?

A simple yet meaningful reminder that we are not alone? I certainly do. I am saying HELLO to Life in my own way and it’s good to know that there is a medical aid that validates my own brand of existence.

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