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My 2020 Goals

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Marques Mouton: Business Leader

One of my favorite memes of 2019 was the “tough times never last, only tough people last” guy who made light-hearted sense out of this catchy phrase. It spoke volumes to me personally working at Ogilvy Namibia, where tough times cause for celebrations on accomplishments that sculptors an office of giants.

Starting the new year with a bang is a year worth living in Advertising! In our world, it’s crucial to nurture our mental health with innovation and the latest trends. Simplifying the complexity of a job and providing branding solutions for the sake of staying ahead of the client’s competitor.

Getting this done at it’s the best potential, would be by focusing on improving concentration span, and by reading more and exercising more regularly would contribute to more precise and strategic jobs.

I will start my day by saying out motivational quotes as I go for my morning jog/walk. Listening to inspirational podcasts or motivational videos on YouTube as I get ready for work, is sure to set me in the right space. It’s amazing how much motivation these morning routines can have on a person. I tried it and landed myself the best job, and best body-shape worth six gym sessions, well the figure is a debate.

Achieving this really boils down to one’s goal in life of which, in my case- nothing but the best without being too hard on myself. I try not to be, but at times I fall and get back up harder, stronger than ever. I always take note of what went wrong, so as to improve on it.

Self-improvement as well as building strong, long-lasting relationships with my clients comes is when you best know yourself in order to gain my client’s trust. I encourage that you master what you’re good at, accept what you’re not and improve on those points. A client will only put their full trust in you if you put trust in yourself and your capabilities.

It will, therefore, remain our goal at Ogilvy to continuously improve not only on our client’s brands but the Ogilvy Namibia brand itself and its human assets. Showing brand knowledge and not over-promising and under-delivering but rather ensuring client satisfaction through quality is key for us this year.

“If you want to be interesting, be interested.”– David Ogilvy

Not saying there aren’t any days where you’d wish your coffee came with a shot of whiskey on a Monday morning in Traffic Meeting but those are the days we push to go the extra mile – to make brands matter.

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