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‘Digital’ The indomitable dragon

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Kartrionae Madondo-Ossai: Digital & Strategy Director

Over the years Marketers in Namibia have gradually adapted to the digital landscape that has spun conventional marketing strategies and executions as we knew them, right off their axis. Alas, the adaptation has been painstakingly slow and retrogressive for the most part. What really is keeping us from growing?

“What if”

The great abyss that is digital, can be intimidating. We find that marketers are often fearful of taking the plunge, the deep plunge that is “What if my content gets viral for the wrong reasons” or “How will the CEO react?” “Our people are not ready for such”. These sentiments mirror the lack of confidence in key industry players (both marketers and suppliers) and their ability to deliver successful digital solutions.

“We don’t have enough budget”

Never has there been a time when advertising costs became so affordable as the recent advent of digital media. While inhouse-management almost cuts the budget spend to zero, digital marketing can be as little as a third of your overall marketing spend.

“We already have a Facebook page”

Gretchen, I hate to burst your bubble but Facebook is not entirely digital. While this seems to be the go-to “digital” façade it certainly should not be the one and only. Marketers are beginning to question the impact of Facebook to its large audience -the millennials and even so the young Gen Z’s who seem to be absent from the platform altogether.

“Our IT department is busy with our website”

This brings us to the UX vs UI ‘which is more important” adage. While UX is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving usability, UI focuses on the visual interactive touchpoints for navigation – both are equally important.

Dain Miller “UI is the saddle, the stirrups, and the reigns”.

“UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse and rope your cattle”.

IT in most cases does not always bring the full meal to the table, as they are usually more inclined to the technicalities of building the website while often overlooking the experiences and overall objective. It is no use, therefore, leaving the success of an important project in the hands of IT alone.

Next time you hear “digital” don’t buck, reach out to our team to help you slay that dragon.

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