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Ogilvy Re-born

Updated: May 15

Redefining the business landscape is Ogilvy’s driving source of inspiration and the month of August saw us pushing the envelope beyond what many would see as ordinary. Buoyed by David Ogilvy’s philosophy on the need to re-invent one’s self, Ogilvy & Mather Namibia, now Ogilvy, undertook a re-founding journey, in a bid to re-discover who we are. We learnt that, through our continued efforts, we have re-defined the advertising space in the country, and the future for Ogilvy is beyond bright.

With this self-discovery exercise came the introduction of Mathews Hamutenya as an Ogilvy partner. Mathews’ wealth of experience and business acumen knows no bounds and remains a spring of eternal youth. With over 26 years of experience in establishing operational optimisation across diverse industries in both national and international operations, he is recognised for his plethora of talents in strategy development and corporate vision. Mathews has worked in petroleum, aviation, finance and investment, and in the property industry, among others.

Mathews shared his excitement at the re-founding event held on the 15th of August, by stating the following, “I am proud and excited to become part of Ogilvy. Millennium MultiMedia and Ogilvy are a well suited match.  I believe that the positioning of the Millennium Group and brand in the Namibian market will add substantial value to Ogilvy and will open the doors for new opportunities.  I look forward to my role as Director at Ogilvy, and to become familiar with the advertising and marketing industry as well as our clients, whilst participating and contributing to the growth of this splendid company.”

Head honcho and ­­­­queen of the ad world, Anny Mouton said, “Nothing great happens overnight and nothing great comes easy. It takes dedication, hard work, commitment and lots of support from the people around you. Ogilvy is a family. We care about each other as a family. We care about our brands, our clients and our business partners.”
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