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Silence to Symphony: Women's Creative Resilience

Updated: May 24

Words: Rozanne vd Merwe

On this International Women’s Day, we joyfully celebrate the captivating creative vision of remarkable women with whom we collaborate!


Women, the celestial architects, breathe life into each creation they touch. A history once bound by domestic confines, unfurls into a tale of resilience and creativity. In the past, women’s artistic brilliance too often wasted away behind closed doors or took the form of masculine pseudonyms. For many, especially those battling layered prejudices, creativity served as the fuel for their survival.


At the heart of Ogilvy Namibia, beats a profound belief in women-lead innovation. Anny Mouton, our founder, and pioneer defied the odds and asserted her prowess in a male-dominated arena, laying the foundation for our existence today. She is but one of many luminaries paving a path, which guides each generation of women away from tethers of the past towards an empowered future.


As Ogilvyans, we take immense pride in being part of a global network that champions the upliftment of women. Our sister agencies’ ground-breaking campaigns challenge patriarchal norms, driving a beauty revolution, imploring girls and women to embrace their authentic selves with Dove and highlighting women’s superhuman resilience with Nike.


At Ogilvy Namibia, we cast a radiant spotlight on the diverse and talented women influencers and creators of our nation. Partnering with them has birthed magnetic expressions of creativity, yielding inspiring results. We have made over 1M impressions, reached 514K users and received 60K engagements, on various women centred campaigns.

In celebrating women’s talents, we foster a cycle of support and growth integral to granting women the freedom to nourish their brilliance and contribute to a more vibrant, nuanced society. We urge women to persist in shattering boundaries, to be bold, and embody the woman they aspire to become.

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