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The Human Touch in a Digital Age

Updated: May 24

Words: Rozanne vd Merwe

Ever come across an article or while scrolling through your social media, find words like "unlock", "navigate", "realm", "pioneer", "elevate", or "transformative"? Well, if you nodded along, you've probably been consuming some AI-generated content.


In today's world, where people and brands contribute thousands of words daily through texts, social media posts, marketing content and articles. It has become challenging to differentiate between human-generated content and AI-generated content.


FYI: LinkedIn is now giving X (formerly Twitter) a run for its money. According to recent stats, LinkedIn is growing in use as more Gen Z’s leverage the platform to consume, share, and create content.  Considering that LinkedIn can be regarded as a long-format platform, it should therefore not be a surprise that everyone is writing like they swallowed a dictionary.


AI is fast becoming the new norm in today’s changing business landscape (Gondwana Collection launched an AI-powered chatbot). Its emergence has been nothing short of revolutionary.


Currently, we are witnessing a decline in social connections and an increase in screen time. Unfortunately, this means that we are losing our human connections. A few years ago, when people took a taxi, they would engage in conversation with each other. However, nowadays, we are all too absorbed in our phones, consuming content, including the driver.


We have found that the most insightful and impactful marketing often comes from conversations and social observations that ignite a spark for solving marketing problems. Therefore, at the core of all great marketing lies the human element.


As David Ogilvy once put it, "The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife." This directly speaks to the understanding that behind every piece of marketing lies a human being with emotions, aspirations, and desires. Our role as marketers is to look into this and translate insights into actionable messages that not only reach but also touch the human heart.


Yes, AI tools have undoubtedly revolutionised the marketing landscape, but it's vital to keep in mind that it is the human element that makes marketing truly effective. AI is a tool that extends our reach, but it's the human insight, creativity, and intuition that truly breathes life into marketing campaigns.

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