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Updated: Jun 4

Words: Megan Pritchard

If you are reading this, I implore you to indulge in a steaming cup of tea or coffee perhaps? Kick up your feet and allow yourself the pleasure of immersing in this piece. As the gentle embrace of winter begins to weave its charming spell upon us this May, we, the unparalleled artisans of creativity at Ogilvy Namibia, invite you to embark on a journey akin to the enchanting ballrooms of Bridgerton.

Can you tell I’m hooked? Yup, totally.  Binged all 3 seasons in a weekend and loved every second of it. I finally get what the craze is about! Do you?  

Thank you, Chris Van Dusen, for this stellar story. Most importantly, thank you for demonstrating the sheer essence of having a diverse cast— the key reason why this award-winning global television series hit it out of the ballpark.

Indeed, while many of us are familiar with the saying “People are your greatest asset”, wisdom suggests a more precise truth: “The right people are your greatest asset” …. There is a difference. 


To those involved in hiring and firing, I have diligently honed my craft over the years and wish to share some of the lessons I've learned, including some of the hardest ones, from the past decade of service. I am by no means an expert and understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but I always practice a staff-first approach in everything I do.

Happy reading:

  1. Break the rules sometimes, just don’t let the rules break you. What is legal is not always right; use your discretion to avoid setting yourself, your team, or your brand up for failure. A perfect example is the sinking of the Titanic. At the time, the law required lifeboats for only a quarter of the passengers, as no one believed it would sink. But it did, and they should have had lifeboats for all passengers on board.

  2. Any form of a compensation system should not get the right behaviours from the wrong people, instead, it should get the right people on the bus and keep them there.

  3. The best thing you can do for high-achieving staff is to avoid burdening them with underperforming colleagues. Clean house.

  4. Be rigorous but never ruthless.

  5. The best individuals aren't defined solely by experience and degrees; they're characterized by the right values and ethics. Ethics and fundamental intelligence cannot be taught; everything else can be. Keep this in mind when making hiring decisions.

  6. Avoid fostering a workplace culture where you recognise the value of individuals only when they consider leaving.

  7. The right people are inherently self-motivated and typically don't require external motivation.

  8. A great leader embraces the terms "we" and "us," never "me" or "I," emphasising teamwork and collective effort.

  9. Talent is rare to find. A successful company on the path to greatness recognises and hires the right people whenever they are encountered, trusting that the details can be sorted out later.

  10. A great leader provides a second home as a workspace and sees the daughters and sons of others under their care, not just as workers with schedules.

  11. Served with a warning or rather a coaching programme? Let that sink in.

  12. To earn trust, you must extend trust. Trust fosters a sense of belonging—keep this in mind when considering new ideas and rules that push you beyond your comfort zone.

As for Team Red back at the ranch, wow – what a fast-paced year we have had! In short, we are a few richer; we have put staff mental and physical wellness at the forefront of 2024 by signing a wellness coach for the team; we might have also bagged the biggest account and product Namibia has seen (watch this space); we pulled off a killer fashion show for Chivas Regal and just so by the way, might be knocking on MTC’s door soon to offer our untouchable event management and planning skills.

Last but not least, a few Ogilvy members are preparing for their trip to Cannes. Yes, we are going to the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity, a global benchmark event. Join us as we unveil a symphony of innovation and elegance. The stage is set, the spotlight is ours, and the world awaits our brilliance.

Watch this space for exciting updates soon!

Might pop by London and Paris on the way, see you at the top of the Eiffel Tower ma chérie.😘

For now, au revoir!


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